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Playing games in your browser, on PC or mobile phone, it’s the easiest way to enjoy and relax for a few moments, when available time is very little. Browser / Html5 games are the most convenient to play at work or at school, when you have a few free moments. Think that a PC game takes minutes only to load … but a browser game can be played in seconds, from anywhere, from any device. Here are some cool html5 games:

There’s absolutely nothing normal about the browser RPG Kingdom of Loathing – and that might be exactly what keeps the player base coming back despite remaining in “open beta” since its release in 2003. The player is charged with the task of rescuing King Ralph from the prism in which the Naughty Sorceress has imprisoned him. After freeing the King, the player is then given the option to “ascend” and begin a new game with limited access to previously acquired items and abilities. The game’s immense world is almost entirely populated with simple stick figure drawings, with a story built around tongue-in-cheek references to pop culture, other RPGs, and the occasional groan-worthy pun or intentional misspelling. At its core, Kingdom of Loathing is a smart and well-built RPG that allows you to choose from “classic” classes such as the moxie-based disco bandit, the pasta-flinging sauceror, or the club-wielding turtle tamer. The currency, meat, can be spent in the player-run mall or smashed into meat paste for crafting new items and equipment. The multiplayer world also allows for a lot of unique interactions between players, such as those in which you host your own store or play the lottery directly against other players. After all, you have to spend that hard-earned meat somehow.

Don’t ask any questions, just start clicking cookies. What starts with a few grandmas making a dozen or so baked goods every minute quickly escalates, and before you know it, you’re using prisms to turn light into trillions of cookies per second. The game was originally created as a joke about the rising popularity of idle games that relied on waiting, social network integration, and pay-to-play bonuses for their popularity (i.e. Farmville). You start by clicking the cookie yourself, working hard and spending your baked goods on extra cursors and grandmas, and the rabbit hole only goes deeper from there.

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In a similar vein to Robots Are People Too, The Convergence is another game that requires lots of coordination. It’s a single-player game in which you control two characters at the same time, apart from they move in opposite directions. The idea is to move them around the game world and bring them together in a flurry of hearts and general love. The game uses HTML5 canvas for the graphics.

Another recent iOS port is that of Fieldrunners, which unfortunately only runs in Chrome. Fieldrunners is a traditional tower defence game in which you strategically place emplacements to defend yourself from the incoming hordes. The game uses WebGL for accelerated 2D graphics.

VII transforms your whole browser window into a monochrome platform world, with smooth animations, physics and responsive controls. Using both the mouse and keyboard you must navigate, manipulate and clear each screen before progressing. Your telekinesis can be used to move or surf objects and solve thought-provoking puzzles and predicaments. The quirky art style and character (who vaguely resembles Roger from American Dad) plods along at a sombre pace, allowing you to take in all the HTML5 goodness along the way. Technically brilliant, graphically pleasing and completely free; VII is a great little introduction to the world of browser-borne platform games.