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Latest free to play business simulation games JunkyardTycoon on mobile

Want to start your own Salvage yard business? If you love vehicles and automobiles, you will love this virtual business game of cars. It is unique and extremely entertaining. Junkyard Tycoon is a Simulation game where you start your own Salvage yard, buy scrape vehicles, detach vehicle parts, sell them and make profit. While you slowly make good business out of junk vehicle parts, you become a Business magnate.Just keep buying and selling car or car parts. The twist of the game is that you can make profit while selling different vehicle parts. You can buy Car, Truck, Motorbike, Boats at scrapyard prices and you will be able to sell automobile parts individually to make good money. It is a perfect way to test your business and money making skills.

We are constantly working hard on making the game better and more entertaining for you. We need your constant support to get going. Please feel free to email us for any queries/suggestions/problems or if you just want to say hello. We would love to hear from you. If you have enjoyed any feature of the game, do not forget to rate us on play store and share among your friends. See more details at JunkyardTycoon free to play car selling games.

This simulation game is fun to me it needs work. Lots of work. When buying diamonds the price is $4.99 or $5.99 in US Currency. Its too expensive. Lower the price approximately $.99 US currency. The game needs troubleshooting/help in the game so people might know to do on their problems. When scraping cars it takes a while to remove the pieces of the car lower the time so the game might be more fun. When ordering a car it says 5 diamonds lower the price to 1 diamond or pay game money. When it says “wait” to order the car the sign should say “wait a while”. The price is 2 diamonds the price should be 1 diamond or $100 game money. If this game does all these subjects on this review people might play this game happy and play the game longer. Get it on Google Play : best tycoon games.

Addictive game with no waste of refilling times. you can get extra energy. hope for new updates and new buildings. its a very fun game. can play anywhere.would be great if you do more games similar to this with same type of graphic.good job

There are many buildings around your business that will help you to develop your business. You can continuously produce materials such as stone, brick, concrete and wood by repairing buildings. Buildings will be your greatest helpers to get the energy you need when you’re manufacturing or dismantling vehicles into pieces. To earn more and grow, do not forget to repair buildings around your junkyard empire!

The Showroom building, allows you to sell repaired, second-hand cars. After you determine to price on a specific scale according to the value of the vehicle you repaired, you need just to confirm your vehicle to sell! However, remember that the higher the price of your repaired vehicle, the more you wait for it to be sold.

takes a little getting used to, once you get into it it becomes rather addicting. graphics are ok but it does the job. print is extremely small so if you got glasses you will probably need them. over all a great game. Get it on Apple Store : best business tycoon games.

At first it was kind of lame, but once you get playing you can’t stop! Especially once you unlock the repair shop. I’m still working on getting the car dealership unlocked. But getting materials for it is pretty challenging

More buildings and vehicles : Without vehicles, Junkyard Tycoon couldn’t be Junkyard Tycoon… In Junkyard Tycoon junk vehicle business game, we are starting by buying vehicles to create our own car junkyard. You can search for buyers with higher offers by shredding scrap vehicles, selling parts or repairing vehicles.

Cars are the first-level vehicles in the Junkyard Tycoon world. The profit margin of cars is pretty low. Cars can be placed in the level 0 Vehicle Parks and Vehicle Ramps. If you put these starting-level vehicles on Car Ramps, you can obtain materials and illegal items by dismantling. You will work to profit by selling car parts of dismantled cars. When first-level vehicles pressed, you will get 1 piece of Scrap Metal.